Napoleon was once asked, what the great need of France was. He answered, Nation’s progress is impossible without trained & educated mothers. If the women of my country are not educated, about half of the people will be ignorant.”
Education is a fundamental means to bring any desired change in society. This can be attained only if schools, colleges & institutions become real centres of learning. Also, this is an admitted fact that the aforesaid can be possible only if the society has competent & worthy teachers.
Prof. Ram Nath Pandey Mahila Mahavidyalaya, B.Ed. College, is a product of sincere effort in the direction of producing dynamic, energetic, well trained & versed Women teachers who may instill and implant the values, culture & ethics in the society by teaching and spreading the quality education.
This is my firm belief that unless & until the women folk are educated, The society can never prosper and can never achieve the desired momentum. If India has to attain the Millenium Drvelopment goals by 2020, the graph of women education has got to go up.
Prof. Ramnath Pandey Mahila Mahavidyalaya B.Ed. Institute, would provide an impetus to women’s education. This Women Teachers’s Training Institute is in a nascent stage of development but is commited to leave no stone unturned into becoming a fully grown up, pioneer Institute of women’s teacher training Institute.
I am optimistic & confident enough while making promise to the new entrants that we are determined to give them the best in a perfect organized way.

                                                                                                                                                   Subhash Pandey